Surfer Surfing Since 1960 I am a soul surfer, becoming one with nature. Surfing is not a sport as some would argue; it is a way of life. Surfers are a tribe of watermen who respect nature and never take more then they need. I travel light and use rubber only when I have to.

nosce te ipsum 

Teacher I have insight and the ability to transform complex information into simplified terms, making it easy for my intended audience to understand and benefit from. 

 nosce te ipsum 

Philosopher "ipse se nihil scire id unum sciat" I know one thing: that I know nothing at all. On the highest mountain on earth: Mauna Kea Hawaii. I have awesome memories from a place where you can hear your heart beat. God is real.

nosce te ipsum 


“Transform knowledge into performance"

 3SPRODUCTIONS is committed to “Performance" providing you, your staff, and customers with world class solutions to local problems.